Sunday, May 6, 2012

and this is what i miss...

So here's the thing...
life has been really good to me.
And it has given me a LOT of super great memories in the short span of 22 years that is my lifetime.
And the thing about memories is this:
they leave you with a lot of things to miss...

So here are just a few of the millions of things that I kinda miss right now:

(1) Morning swimming lessons at the Racquet Club. and the smell of summer. and laying on the warm tennis court after swimming.
(2) Walking to school with Sophie and Sterling, down Buffalo Trail...all the way to Washington Elementary.
(3) Walk-a-thons 
(4) Mowing lawns with my pod.
(5) Pulling weeds at the old storage units.
(6) Skiing at Teton Village with the whole family.
(7) Cross country: the team, the practices, the meets...
(8) Pizza/Grilled cheese sandwich day at Washington Elementary.
(9) Mooije (my first puppy).
(10) My super cool bedroom (with colorful handprints all over the walls and ceiling) in the old house.
(11) The old house [136 S. 8th]
(12) Dressing like a boy, my whole childhood.  Cargo pants with a billion pockets.
(13) Grandma Elaine Hofman.
(14) Grandpa Hugh Lynn Brown.
(15) Jablonskie (only the best hamster ever).
(16) The scratchy/velvety walls in the computer room in the old house.
(17) Mr. Stubbs
(18) Dutch Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Hofman.
(19) Morning walks with dad, dumpster diving and spitting on trains from the Benton overpass.
(20) Singing along to songs recorded from the radio, onto tapes.  With Sophie. In our old bedroom. Using hairbrushes as microphones. 
"I wanna stand with you on a mountain!" 
"Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayers..."
(21) The old suburban.  The one with the blue stripe and the really low backseat.
(22) The coolest friend group EVER [Krista, Tom, Tyson, Jeff, Chelsea, Tiffany, Brittani, Heather, Dallon, Josh...] 
(23) Late night chats with mom and dad, on their bed.
(24) Gate City Singers and early morning practice.
(25) Musicals [Oklahoma, Little Shop of Horrors, Joseph, How to Succeed in Business]
(26) Mrs. Gray and pottery class.
(27) Mikey McFarland and Kelby Smith.
(28) Steve and Joni Bateman.
(29) Movie nights on my back porch.
(30) Lunch in the seminary building, almost every day of high school.
(31) Being roommates with Victoria Ann Mansfield [Bradford].
(32) Bonfires up the canyon.
(34) Chloe "Kliwi" Ence.
(35) History class with Tiffany Jackman (and getting back scratches from her every day).
(36) Huge slices of bread from Great Harvest for 50 cents.
(37) Krista Nadine Call (aka Paulie)
(38) Helaman Halls...and the freshman meal plan-Dining Plus.
(39) Joshua James Huntsman.
(40) Dancing at the cabin with my niece Hadlee.
(41) The cousin crew
(42) Kate the Great Smith
(43) Cleaning Grandma Hofman's house once a week. And listening to Disney/Musical soundtracks.  And talking to Grandma and getting the best girl advice ever from her.
(44) The biggest and coolest backyard ever.
(45) Sunday walks at the cemetery with Mario and Regina...and feeding the squirrels.
(46) Steve Jolley and Ana Marie Talley.
(47) Gate City Youth Soccer League.
(48) Making leaf piles at recess.
(49) Mini chocolate milk cartons for snack time, every day in kindergarten.
(50) Dance parties with my parents and siblings, at the cabin.

[i'd say that's a pretty good start to the things I miss.
I could keep going...
but then we'd all be here for a billion hours...
and let's be real, no one wants that.
so i'll just stop now].

Cheers to the happiness that has come into my life for every single thing I have listed today :)